Zoolz Review

    Zoolz Review – New Business Cloud Backup for Genie9.com

    Zoolz is the newest online backup program or the personal social cloud that you could to connect, share, stream files like videos music and others with a completely safe environment. This is really something that totally gives you a new experience without any hesitation. By means of the Amazon S3 cloud computing technology, Zools introduces the social cloud to the whole wide world with an ultimate security and reliability. Zools actually claim that it suits family and business environment to share files the safe way.

    Zoolz Review

    Zoolz is a cloud storage service which offers the following features and functionality:

    • zoolz review backup genie9 Supports multiple backed up computers
    • Ability to view and share files, photos and music from Facebook, iPhone and iPad
    • Share any encrypted file easily via direct link, email, or social post
    • View thumbnails for your backed up photo
    • Ability to post photos to Facebook directly without the need to re-upload

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    Why Choose Zoolz?

    It was founded in the year 2005 by Genie9 which is based in Boston, MA. Genie 9 has been awarded with its products like the Genie Timeline and Backup Manager in the previous years and eventually Zoolz is most likely to follow that legacy. Geni9’s Zoolz was created to help people on protecting their files while sharing it with other people. Zoolz is the first ever service that combine data protection with the social networking to make fun, simple and safe protection.

    First things first, so when we talk about Cloud storage and sharing Dropbox are the first thing that comes into mind. Some of the good competitors of Dropbox and Zoolz can now stand in to compete with both. The space in Zoolz that is given through Amazon S3 promises your data with security and availability at the same time.

    Zoolz 2.0 has comprehensively completed its storage that makes every browsing real easy together with its thumbnail view of the backup photos, list of backup files, and instant searchers that are found and stored in Cold Storage. There’s no need to wonder about which file to back up anymore and which was not so you could depend on this program if that’s what you would like to know.

    Seriously, Zoolz give attention to security with an encryption that is on level 3 like the SSL for data transfer, 256-AES server side encryption and 256 AES on machine. Of course, flexibility wouldn’t be at the backseat as it continues to expand in multi-terabytes for the hundreds of users without any interruption that may take place. Besides, the system is really that flexible to meet the needs of everyone. To compel the user-management, allowing users to set policies, to specify the things that they would like to back up, the storage limit and the encryption of password with ease are the features.

    For some users, they might feel discouraged with the cold storage because they might prefer an instant access to their files. But Zoolz have already claimed that ahead of them since it offers the best from words and combination of technology. The end users on the other hand will just select for the location where their data will go that makes the retrieval operation easier on the latter part.

    Zoolz Review – Conclusion

    Finally, Zoolz is the future of cloud storage service or on-line backup program, and with its marginal price of $8/month per 50 GB, it is surely going to sweep businesses off their feet. For more of its features, you can check them out on their official website and learn more about each of them at the same time. Give yourself the best tool and you will see the ease that I’m talking about.

    So join the revolutionary movement today from: www.zoolz.com

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