Zoolz 2.0 Review

    Zoolz 2.0 Review: New Revolution of Cloud Backup

    With the increasing demand for data storage, Zoolz 2.0 provides the solution. It caters to both residential and business needs for highest security, availability and durability. Zoolz 2.0 impeccably and automatically keeps your computer and its storage safe from unexpected deletion or any cause of data loss. It is a cloud storage that has the capability to access your external and network drives without affecting your file size, upload speed or data selections.

    Zoolz 2.0 Review: Zoolz Home vs. Zoolz Business

    zoolz 2 reviewZoolz 2.0 comes in two different packages (Zoolz Home and Zoolz Business) which are specifically designed to meet the needs of its target market.

    Zoolz Home

    As the term suggests this one is for residential use. Basically it protects your computer and its storage to guarantee that you will always have them even when accidents of deletion and the likes will happen. Its edge against other cloud storage services is how it offers maximum security through using military grade 256 AES Encryption. This feature makes sure that your files are securely stored. It also encrypts files so that transfers are secured.

    Why Choosing Zoolz Home

    • Your free account gives you the privilege of backing up two computers and it can access your mobile to keep you updated with your latest backed up files and view your photos. It also automatically detect if drive is disconnected and automatically resume incremental backups.
    • It works so simple that you only have to right-click any file or folder to copy them to Zoolz 2. To restore any file you want, you simply go to the web console and choose the file and after 3-5 hours an email will be sent to you with a link to download the files.
    • Automatically backup photos from your camera once connected. It generate preview in raw format so you can view it from a centralized location on the web.
    • Users can set their own schedule, filter selections and more features that allow you to customize to fit individual needs.

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    Zoolz Business

    This version is developed to meet the needs of a business for backup, archive, data management and collaboration.

    Why Choosing Zoolz Business


    It comes at a much lower price compared to its competitors. It is developed to cater to the needs of a business including centralized management, scalability, reliability and data tiering. It does not limit users in how much they download or upload. Whatever your business is and no matter how large your data is, Zoolz 2 provide easy transfer.

    Secure, Reliable and User-friendly

    It encrypts data with military level 256 AES and transferred to Amazon S3 servers to guarantee security. Backups are duplicated and stored over different facilities across the globe to make sure your data is available on demand. Since major computation is processed on the back end cloud you can be sure that there would be little effect on the performance when backup is running. It is also easy for you search, view, share or browse over your files and folders with its flexible web viewer.

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    Conclusion on Zoolz 2.0 Review: Highly-recommended

    Among other of its kind, Zoolz 2.0 has an edge for its ease for the users as its interface is very user-friendly and works with all operating systems. It is so easy to install and use. It is currently offering 100 GB of durable backup without set limitations. Zoolz 2.0 is the first to make such incredible offer.

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