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    The following article provides a comprehensive review of the company, Western Digital. The purpose of the article is to inform potential customers about who the company is, what they are doing, as well as the best selling products on the company’s website.

    The article will conclude by providing a brief overview of the company’s website including its layout, how to order and make payments on the website, customer service, as well as online support. This information is provided in a bid to make navigation easier especially for new visitors to the site.

    Western Digital Review – #1 Hard Disk Drive Manufacturer

    Who is Western Digital Store?

    Western Digital couponWestern Digital is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of hard disks amongst other data technology related products. In addition, the company is in the business of providing cloud storage services, and data center systems.

    Visit Site: www.westerndigital.com

    What Are They Doing at Westerndigital.com?

    At Western Digital, they are constantly innovating in order to provide its clients with the latest technology in storage devices, hard disks, data centers and cloud storage.

    Best-Selling Products at Westerndigital.com:

    This section will highlight the best selling products that can be found on the website. The purpose is to educate the customers about the prominent features of these products that make them so popular. This information will also guide them in deciding which product is best suited for them, and their particular data recovery needs.

    1. WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD

    WD Blue SSD disk review

    This is a solid state drive from Western Digital that is capable of delivering speeds that are up to four times that of the company’s best SATA SSDs. This internal drive’s high speed is excellent for gaming, working, creating, and extensive data processing.

    • Key Features:

    Owing to its high speeds that can go up to 2400MB/s for sequential reading, and 1950MB/s for sequential writing, your increased productivity is guaranteed. In addition, its architecture is designed for excellent performance with minimal power draw.

    The 250GB version of this SSD will cost $54.99, while the 500GB will cost you $64.99. For the 1TB, customers will pay $99.99.

    This product comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

    1. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

    SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD review

    This is a portable drive that allows you to transfer files at break neck speeds of up to 550MB/s read speeds. This makes it exceptionally suitable for editing, saving, and transferring high resolution videos and photos.

    • Key Features:

    This SSD comes with a rating of IP55, which makes it sufficient at withstanding damage from the elements including dust, rain, spills, and splashes.

    Its 550MB/s read speeds allow for lightening speed transfers of files. In addition, it comes in different capacities including the 250GB which costs $72.99, the 500GB that goes for $89.99, the 1 TB which goes for $169.99, and the 2 TB that costs $279.99.

    The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. Furthermore, it comes with a USB 3.1 Type C port, plus a type C to type C cable, and a Type C to Type A adapter. All of these allow the device to be perfectly compatible with different generations of Macs and PCs.

    It also features a compact design that can easily fit in your pocket. It’s actually smaller than a smartphone.

    This device comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 3 year limited warranty.

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    1. G-DRIVE Mobile SSD from G-Technology

    G-DRIVE Mobile SSD coupon

    If you are looking for reliable, fast, and durable storage, then the G-DRIVE Mobile is your best bet.

    • Key Features:

    This SSD is crushproof boasting of a rating of 1000lb crushproof. It also comes with 3 meter drop protection as well as IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. All these features are thanks to the fact that this device is created using handpicked, strong and durable components.

    With transfer speeds of up to 560MB/s, you are guaranteed of fast and efficient saving, archiving, and editing of files including large source files.

    This device can be used for both old and new laptops thanks to its versatile USB-C port that features a USB 3.1 Generation 2 interface.

    Its core is made from aluminium to help enhance and guarantee performance by preventing overheating. The drive is also insulated by a custom made enclosure whenever the device is in use.

    This SSD is compatible with Windows, has a five year limited warranty, and comes in a variety of sizes. For instance, the 500GB will cost you $109.99, the 1 TB costs $189.99, while the 2 TB costs $299.95.

    1. My Passport for Mac

    WD My Passport Mac coupon

    This is a portable drive from Western Digital that provides reliable, movable storage, perfect for users who are always on the go.

    • Key Features:

    This drive comes in a variety of capacities. The 2TB capacity will cost $89.99, the 4 TB will cost $129.99, while the 5 TB costs $159.99.

    The device is compatible with USB-C and USB-A. It also pairs with the backup and password protection software from Apple’s Time Machine.

    Furthermore, this portable drive works perfectly well with all Mac devices.

    The device also features WD Discovery software that enables users to easily connect to their social media accounts, and cloud storage devices such as Dropbox.

    It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

    1. WD_BLACK – The Game Awards Limited Edition

    WD Black review

    This is the storage sponsor of the Game Awards, which is a ceremony held annually celebrating monumental achievements within the video game industry.

    • Key Features:

    This bundle comes with the WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD, a limited edition box, a WD_Black * The Game Awards Windbreaker, and all of these are enclosed in a retractable hood that the user can easily fold up in to the collar.

    It comes with cuffs that have elastic binding, which protect it from water damage, as well as breathable chest vents that keeps it dry and cool.

    The WD Black drive will improve the responsiveness of your system by cutting down on your wait time.

    This SSD is powered by the powerful NAND technology, which is 64 layered and 3D. This provides extra capacity on a physically small device.

    Quick Westerndigital.com Reviews:

    Website Layout

    Western Digital review

    The layout of this website is simple enough, which makes the website easy to navigate even for individuals that are new to the site. All of the pertinent links can be found on the homepage, which makes finding what you need easier.

    Order and Payment

    Order and payment are done on the website. Once you select the product you wish to purchase, you will be directed to checkout, and from here, you can proceed to make the necessary payments. You can choose to pay using your preferred payment method from the options provided.

    Customer Service

    The link to the ‘Contact Us’ page can be found at the top of the homepage. In addition, there is a comprehensive ‘Support’ page.

    Online Support

    You can contact the company directly using its social media handles. In addition, you can use the company’s email to get in touch with the company.

    Western Digital Review – Should I Buy Their Products?

    Yes, indeed you should buy their hard disk drive and data storage because it is reliable, affordable, effective, safe, and available for different devices. Please check our Western Digital Store coupon code to get discount at checkout.

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    How Do I Use Western Digital Coupon Code?

    Redeeming the Western Digital Store discount is also very simple. Simply choose your suitable hard disk drives and enter our free Western Digital promo code and get discount on your purchase at checkout.

    (Western Digital Review & Coupon)

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