Top 3 Computer Backup Myths

    The Top 3 Computer Backup Myths – Exposed!

    I used to be the type of person who would rather do things the next day even if I have all the time to do them today but when it comes to backing up my computer that is what I am not prepared to do. I see to it that I back up files regularly. After losing important data from multiple hard drive crash, I swore never to forget backing up my computer.

    Anything that happens to anybody may happen to you especially if you are not careful. Everyday laptops get stolen and hard drives crash and before you know it your important data are loss forever.

    Top 3 Computer Backup Myths

    Top Computer Backup MythsStill there are users out there who find it unnecessary to back up their files. Here are some of their excuses for not doing backup and my rebuttals:

    3. I don’t know how

    It is high time to learn how to do back up, don’t you think? If you learned how to use the computer then doing back up will be much easier you. All you have to do is burn a CD or click on a folder and select “back this up”.

    Find someone who knows and ask for help, tell him or her you want to back up your computer. You can also search for data back up in the internet. I know how it feels to lose to important data that is why I am very much willing to share what I know to help.

    2. It’s too expensive

    You do not need to spend a fortune for a back up. While it is true that some services are costly, there are still services out there that are relatively affordable. CD-Rs only cost a few cents and trustworthy online backup service only cost $5 a month.

    Look at data back up as your insurance for your house, car and even your machines including your computer. The insurance will assist you with your loss in case of catastrophe while back up will help you recover your loss data.

    And the number one excuse is…

    1. It takes too long

    This one actually means “I am too busy” or to put in a better way is, “I am lazy”.

    Burning CDs with all your important data will really take time but that is nothing compared to the time you will spend trying to start from scratch when you lose all your data.

    What would you do if you lose everything?

    The online service back up mentioned earlier that costs only $5 a month works automatically after setting it up. You do not have to do anything meaning not much effort on your part because it will do the back up for you.

    (Top 3 Computer Backup Myths)


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