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    SugarSync Review: Top Personal Cloud Service

    SugarSync is known as one of the top providers of personal cloud services that provide users with the ability to back up your computers on-line and matches them across multiple platforms safely. There is no problem accessing your files anywhere and anytime. You can even access your files using your mobile phone for as long as the Internet connection is reliable. A team of authorities in the wireless and consumer Internet industry launched it in 2008 which is supported by leading venture capital from Silicon Valley firms. So far it is considered as one of the fastest growing companies in this field.

    An account is needed before anyone can use SugarSync. It gives the user ample space to store al the files. What’s more, the plan can be extended with the many paid options that come with it. If you sign up for a free account you will get 5GB of space while if you choose to pay, you get more. For instance, if you pay $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year, you can avail of 30GB cloud storage.

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    SugarSync ReviewAn In-depth SugarSync Review

    Signing up for SugarSync account can be done before or after downloading and installing the client software. Simply launch SugarSync locally, log in or create an account then name your PC or Mac, that simple.

    SugarSync is about being fast and spontaneous because it uses integrated and smart automatic refreshing of the sync. There is no need for you to make weekly updates of your information and files. The service monitors the modifications to files and updates regularly. Mobile apps allow users to access their folders and files easily.

    One of the best features is it automatically sorts the files into categories such as documents, music, and photos. You can start viewing your photos through the Photo Gallery once the photos begin backup up to the SugarSync.

    The Magic Briefcase is one little feature that is popular with SugarSync. The files in the Magic Briefcase stay identical across all the computers that are being backed up. The Magic Briefcase is very reliable especially when you are working on a project and you are working between the two computers. Keeping the files in the Magic Briefcase will ensure that every time you set to work again on that project, you have the latest and the current version of the files.

    Web Archive feature is another exciting feature about SugarSync. This feature is useful when you want to separate a file from the other files of the synchronization activities between SugarSync and the computer. You can do this when you are working on a multiple Word document and you specifically prefer a particular type or version of one of the documents, you may choose to archive that document. He file will just sit there in the archive which you can refer to or download anytime.

    One more thing, socializing is made fun and easy with SugarSync. You can socialize straight from the file folders you have in the SugarSync. The photos you backed up in the cloud service may be shared with your Facebook friends. You can also share the files the regular way that is through email. You can also set the files you shared that are stored in the cloud storage to a status of Public or Private.

    You should not worry if you encounter any problem or setback because the SugarSync Customer Support Portal gives you user-friendly troubleshooting in any device or platform. You can get help and support from live phone, email or online support.

    SugarSync Review – Conclusion

    SugarSync is definitely one “online storage provider” you can truly rely on when it comes to selective file syncing across multiple platforms, private and public file sharing. It is the only tool that syncs, backs up, shares and mobile. So let’s try SugarSync now!

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