Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review

    Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review For MAC Users

    Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software is developed to recover files names that are deleted, lost data, audio and video files, photo and etc that have been lost due to crashes that are logical. This software is able to recover and restore corrupted, damaged, deleted and even volumes of MAC Os X hard drive that are lost. It has an optimized process of scanning files and folders which includes the formatted, deleted and damaged Mac drive.

    Key Features of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

    Here are the following features:

    Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review– It is able to recover files like EPS, SHW, PS, VMX, ENC, plist, FAT file system based storage media ,MXF, MUS, PTF, AAC, fh3, fh5, fh7, fh8, fh9, fh10, fh11, NSF and PMD whatever is the cause of loss.

    – It recovers data from memory card, iPod, optical media, any hard drive and USB flash drive

    – It supports recovery from all the Mac and Power PC that is based in Intel

    – It is compatible with the most recent version of OS X Mountain Lion and even with the lower versions

    The other features of which include and searching of lost, deleted, or formatted FAT volumes, it has a user-friendly GUI and it is fast in scanning.

    – Deleted File Recovery with unique File Name, supports recovery from more than 2 TB hard drives is the new features of this version though.

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    Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review

    The installation of this software is easy and it provides users an intuitive interface. By the time that you have already launched the installation, you can opt for the repair process of you would like to conduct Resume Recovery or Create Disk image, Drive Recovery, iPod Recovery and Photo Recovery.

    In case of severe corruption of Mac hard drive volumes the software will perform raw recovery. This software is user-friendly and is enhanced with the “File preview” feature that supports all the file types while the scanning is on progress. Stellar Phoenix Mac shows the details and description of media scan information and even the image or file that is selected in performing data recovery. It also has a new Filter option with flexibility on specifying data range and size together with the file types and additional option to add new file types as well. 2 TB sizes of recovery volumes is also supported by this software so that’s another thing that you should know about.

    Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software recovers files and folders that are deleted and lost. It also recovers data from unmountable volumes at the same time. File recovery for deletions can be search base on signature. Formatted media and lost file can be recovered as well as those media that are badly corrupted. The software scans every sector for the drive for the initial scan on a volume like your hard drive. The software will remember your scan and can just resemble the files that you have saved for some time.

    The different type and level of scans take time. It starts with a quick recovery and it works down to something that is more time consuming. More recoveries though stand a better chance in retrieving files the quicker way than those that are not recovered. Besides, scans can also be saved to recover later.

    All in all, the software gets to perform according to features and as advertised. In fact it has already done through a number of improvements since the last version was produced. Macintosh data recovery is also a good application with no features that could distract you if you as the user don’t need it. Just be sure to check some reviews online for you to be of assistance. It would still recommend Stellar Phoenix’s Data Recovery for Macintosh to be able to novice advanced users. Anyways, it’s just so easy to understand with its tools. So there’s nothing to worry about the guidelines.

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