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    An In-depth Stellar Data Recovery Review

    With all the problems that we experience in our daily lives, nothing can be as bad as losing your data. Many of us think that data recovery is impossible. However, there are companies which offer data recovery services. If you have sought the services for recovering data, you might have come across Stellar Data Recovery. Read our Stellar review to know more some insights over some of the services they offer.

    Who Is Stellar?

    Stellar Data Recovery CouponStellar Data Recovery began its operations in 1993 as a niche business focusing on data recovery. The niche was not very common back then but the company thrived on due to their capability in building their brand among customers and enterprises.

    Stellar Data Recovery is an I.T company that provides the data recovery services through software that is smart and simple. The company offers data recovery, system optimization, and repair tools that help people to retrieve their lost data.

    The company’s mission is to maximize the opportunities for successful data retrieval. The company also wishes to achieve total satisfaction from customers through the successful recovery and safety of data through products, solutions, and services that are of high quality.

    What are They Selling at

    The company offers many data recovery software that is personalized for various uses in recovering data from devices. Besides data recovery, Stellar Info also offers software for repairing files. Stellar provides software such as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software and Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. They also provide Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone, and Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery on Windows.

    The Best Selling Software on

    1.     Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

    The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a crucial software that would help to recover partitions that have been formatted, besides recovering deleted and lost data. The software is capable of recovering lost documents, videos, photos, and more. The software also goes to the extent of retrieving lost or unreachable hard drive partitions.

    This data recovery software can also create an image from the full partition in order to recover data. The software is also capable of looking into particular folders and recovering lost data from them. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 8.1-10.

    The tool can also help to recover data from optical media such as DVD and CD discs that have been destroyed, partially burnt, scratched or corrupted.

    The software also provides an advanced feature that keeps you safe by helping you restore what you lost, even after failing to recover the data for the first time. The feature will allow for the searching of data through file signatures after which you can carry out the recovery process from any storage media that has been corrupted critically.

    2.     Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

    The Mac Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a software that has been designed to regain data that has been lost accidentally, deleted or even formatted from Mac desktops. The software also helps you to restore data from untraceable volumes or hard drives. It can also recover deleted backup files from the external drive of the Time Machine. You can even recover files selectively from those which you do not want to recover.

    3.     Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

    The Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery helps you in recovering lost photos, videos and music files. It is a must have software when your data gets deleted by accident, corrupted, or formatted. The software has amazing features that allow you to recover images from digital cameras, external storage, USB sticks, hard drives and SD memory cards.

    You can also recover deleted or lost MXF movies, HD-MOV, and Adobe EPS files. The software allows you to recover more than 100 file types of multimedia. You can recover photos lost through corruption, accidental deleting or formatting from storage media. It also retrieve deleted photos and regain their original shooting dates and time, camera models and names, and even file names. You can also recover data from camera brands such as GoPro, Canon, Nikon, and many others.

    4.     Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone

    The Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone helps you to recover data that has either been deleted or lost. It helps to recover contacts that have either been lost or deleted. You can also use it to recover your call history, Messages, Calendar, Voice Memo, Notes, Reminders, and Safari Bookmarks from iOS devices, iCloud backup files, and iTunes backup.

    The tool can help recover your camera rolls, photos, and photo stream from iCloud backup files. You can easily recover data from an encrypted iTunes Backup files. The tool can also be used to retrieve lost WhatsApp messages and attachments. The tool allows you to recover data from multiple iOS devices. The software is capable of supporting iPhone 6 to iPhone 7plus.

    5.     Stellar Drive Clone

    The Stellar Drive Clone is termed as an advanced utility that is able to create a replica of the Mac hard drive. The utility can then partition the replica into the form that is an exact usable copy and disk image file.

    The software clones the Mac hard drive and ad creates an image of the Mac hard drive, solid state drives, and partitions. The utility is capable of supporting HFS to HFS, FAT to FAT, and NTFS to exFAT cloning.

    It can also clone logical volumes, and create and store an image of the hard drive and logical volumes. The tool is capable of restoring volumes from the image file or a folder. It allows you to back up the important documents and is compatible with macOS Sierra 10.5-10.12.

    6.     Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery on Windows

    This product helps you to recover all the data you have lost on your Mac. The product will help you to regain the information through a Windows system. The software runs on an operating system based on Windows. The software is helpful when your Mac develops problems. It helps you to connect the hard drive of the Mac to any windows operating system. Thus, you will be able to redeem your data.

    You can restore documents, videos, music, and photos which were either lost, deleted, unreachable or formatted. The software is also capable of recovering your useful data from a crashed Mac or iPod hard drive. This Stellar recovery software also recognizes data from any HFS, HFS+, HFSX and HFS Wrapper file system based Mac volumes and can recover data from them. The software is fully compatible with all windows servers (2000- 2008), Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, 2000 and Windows 10.

    What Makes Stellar Data Recovery Software Different to Others?

    The company distinguishes itself from other competitors by providing software that is easy to use even for people who are not tech savvy. The company is also distinguished for providing software that is specifically designed for various functions.

    Quick Reviews:

    Website Layout

    Stellar Data Recovery review

    The website is very detailed with key buttons on the landing page. The website has a variety of languages to choose the language you would like to see the website in. the website also offers a store where you can purchase the software and download them. A blog has also been availed in the website, to explain in detail on the various software that the company sells.

    Shopping and Processing

    The process of shopping is easy and well accessible on this website. You can simply go to the shop on the website and find the software or tool that you need to buy. You can then process the purchase and proceed to check out.

    Orders and Shipping

    Since the company offers virtual services and products, you will only make an order for the purchase of the utility of your choice. After you have made your purchase an activation code shall be sent to you directly. You will then download the software of your choice from the website and then use the activation code to access premium features of the software you bought. No shipping is necessary.

    Customer Service

    The company offers efficient and dedicated customer service. They offer direct chat communication with all clients using a chat box that is easily visible on the website. Their support runs for 24 hours. They also have a telephone number on the website.

    Stellar Review – Final Thought

    Stellar Data Recovery is a well-established company in the ICT sector. They have a very wide customer base of more than 2 million people which would help in confirming of their excellent services. They offer effective tools for all data recovery related issues. Please use our special Stellar coupon codes to save up to 70% OFF retail price here:

    Special Stellar Coupon Codes:

    Stellar Data Recovery coupon code Stellar Data Recovery Coupon Code:

    Save 87% OFF on Windows Bundle (Windows Data Recovery + Photo Recovery + Repair for Video + Repair for Photo…etc) at!

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