SOS Online Backup Review

    SOS Online Backup Review for Consumers

    SOS Online Backup is a unified local and online backup tool which permits consumers to back up their data to an off-site place. It has versions for users, SMBs and resellers. The system performs mainly on Windows operating systems, but there are backup customers for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry OS devices, Mac version and Facebook.

    SOS Online Backup ReviewEstablished in 2001, the company has headquartered in EI Segundo, California and offices in India, Australia and the Ukraine. It has eleven data-centers on all sides the world as well as five in the United States, having others in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ukraine and India,.

    The system accepted rewards from different consumer focused publications, like, and was a PC Magazine Editors Choice in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2011. The New York Times recommended the program in its article about “easy ways to improve your computer life”.

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    Features of SOS Online Backup

    The distinct part of this backup service is its excellent folder filing abilities. It retains an infinite history of all the files you back up, permitting you to approach any saved file from any point quickly. In addition, you can reestablish unique versions of files that are beneficial if you require approaching an older document like old resumes or tax documents from previous years.

    One distinct part SOS Online Backup proposes is a unified local backup system which creates storing backup copies on local media like an exterior hard drive easy and effective. Using a local backup method and employing the online backup service furnish additional layer of saving for your data. Another distinct quality of the facility that is made available is the ability to shun carrying out extended initial backups. You can send the backup service a physical copy of all the data you require to backup. They utilize this data as a “seed” for your backup, permitting the program to clearly fulfill incremental backups, or alter the pieces of the files which have transformed since the final update, permitting you to bypass the extensive upload times combined with doing first-time backups.

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    Types for SOS Online Backup

    SOS Online Backup comes in three versions:

    SOS Online Backup for Home

    The home version is available with 50 GB, and 150 GB, with a subscription covered from 1-3 years and consumers may backup up to five computers with a single account.

    SOS Online Backup for Business

    The Business version begins at 10 GB storage size and may be upgraded up to any limit of storage with subscription ranging from 1-3 years and consumers may backup any number of computers with a single account. The business version available with an ultra-safe choice that keeps away consumers data approach by the staff but password cannot be regain by any method, in  case password is lost.

    SOS Online Backup for Partners

    The reseller version is same as the business version, except the reseller may ascertain the storage size and quote their own price and may as well ask for changing of trademark of backup program along with their own design and logo.

    With SOS Online Backup, you have the option between 50GB and 100GB of online storage space. You can buy extra storage which would cost the same amount as the base fee. So if you require 200GB, it would be 2 x $9.95 per month. I think they could have established much charming solutions for buying further storage. But 100GB is abundant. So I sign up for the monthly 100GB account, as there is no monthly payment choice for the 50 GB account.

    You have to utilize your credit card, and there is no free run, but, there is a very liberal 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not very PC skillful, you can receive a free skillful installation of your backup solution. But it is actually, free from ambiguity, and with my videos to aid, you should not have a complaint.


    SOS Online Backup may be the very best passage to defend your valuable private data, storing secure versions offsite. Now it is swift than the competition and Facebook backup, Android applications and good iPhone can be used along with it.

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