Prosoft Data Backup PC 3 Review

    Prosoft Data Backup PC 3 Review for Computer Users

    What situation you have to face when your hard disk got corrupted and crashed while you need your important documents, files, data etc. Will you simply scratch your head or will try to focus on finding a solution. But it will be too late to do anything. So try to back up your important documents and files and preserve them keeping them safe.

    Now question arises. How to back up? So simple is that. Let me reveal you the best solution for this. Data backup PC 3 is the software you need the most at that time. It helps in creating a backup of your files and documents present in your hard drive, it is also able to restore data. It minimizes effort by synchronizing the valuable data. It doesn’t matter that you are a recent computer user or a professional guy. You can use Prosoft Data backup PC 3 with ease and comfort and flexibility.

    Data Backup PC 3 Review :  New Features

    • Protect your data in the event of an onsite disaster.
    • Saves on your local hard drive space
    • Options to use FTP or online storage accounts.
    • Highly recommended by IT specialists.
    • Flexible online data backup software for users to backup and recover data anywhere.
    • Access your data from anywhere at any time

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    Prosoft Data Backup PC 3 Review in detail

    Pretty easy to setup

    Set up is easy and understandable to all. It is not complex at all. Data backup 3 creates back up for your songs, pictures as well as other data in your hard drive. If required you own can choose manually what files you want to create back up. It is time saving software with feature like “fast start”.

    No question on its ability

    Whenever back up is complete you always find each and every file at its place. You can fix proper schedule for data back up Pc 3 to back up your files at regular intervals. You can create just a ditto copy of your hard drive through back up. you can increase the privacy to protect the back up by putting passwords etc.

    Friendly nature

    You can create back up of any types of file like FireWire, USB, and ATA etc. Exactly same folder is produced after back up including OS backups. There is always option open for synchronizations when you use more than one computer.

    Operating is too easy

    Prosoft Data backup PC 3 is easy to use where you can drag your required file and folders into backup. You have the right to move your backup in desired drive. Restoring of file is just too easy like creating back up only. Depends on you what files you want to restore. You just select them and click on restore. You will ind the same files available.

    Important features

    It is helpful in creating boot-able backup, making a clone of your booable drive. If unintentional error stops functioning the main drive. The backup can be used in place of that quickly. It also copies those files which have been modified also. Helps in creating two identical folders where it copies the lost files and replaces them with older files. The most advantage of data backup 3 is that it can save a lot of disk space by compressing the data. Everyone is concerned about saving spaces in their hard drives to give space for new files. Data backup PC 3 will surely help those persons.

    It is somehow better than Time Machine which is neither flexible nor easy to use. Time machine is not flexible in case of files like CDs, DVDs even non formatted drives whereas Data Backup 3 Pc fulfill all these criteria. This is the best i would refer to back up your files and restore when you want them back.

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