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Date loss can be one of the most devastating thing to happen to you, especially nowadays where very little data is stored in hardware. There are many reasons that can result to your data, and this may include hardware breakdown, corruption and formatting of data, attacks by ransomware and malware. Data recovery tools and software helps you to recover the data that you had before the catastrophic data loss happened. Read our O&O DiskImage review to know more about this backup software for Windows. Click on the coupon code to redeem at oo-software.com.

O&O DiskImage Review – Best Disk Imaging Software for Windows

What is O&O DiskImage 12?

O&O Disk ImageO&O DiskImage allows you to back up everything in your computer, single, or selected files at your convenience. This disk imaging software can run even when the computer is doing some other tasks. The software allows you to restore data, in the event when you lose it, in a few clicks. The software can restore your software even when the Windows OS of your PC refuses to start.

This disk image software supports your SSD drives and UEFI System.

O&O DiskImage allows you to restore, clone, or duplicate entire PCs or hard drive. This backup software for Windows also allows you to create a backup which can then be installed in another computer whose hardware is different from that of the original PC. This means that the software enables you to change a mother board, or change to a new PC without having to part with your data.

Download Here: O&O DiskImage 12

Why Should I Need O&O Disk Image?

The software is a matter of convenience against the loss or corruption of data. You do not have to be worried over how you should duplicate an entire Operating System which will act as a backup. The software help you manage you data safely and you can restore it anytime that you wish.


O&O Disk Image is a partner of Windows Operating System and works with Windows 10, and Windows 8.

Installation and Setup

The process for installation and setup is easy to follow and execute. To Install and set up the software:

  • Start the computer you wish to install the software,
  • Download the software on the O&O website servers. You can also obtain it from a CD ROM.
  • Install the software as you normally do for any software on your PC.
  • Once you have installed it, allow the set up wizard to guide you through the installation process, step by step.
  • Once the setup is finished, restart your computer, and the software will have integrated with your PC and ready for use.

How O&O DiskImage Works

The software works by taking off the inconveniences of any activity that would result to the loss, corruption or formatting of your data from your PC. Data is lost in many ways, even to malware, ransomware and viruses. O&O DiskImage offers you a convenient solution by creating backups that can help you to make a duplication of an entire OS. The software can even archive the whole OS on individual disks.

What Makes O&O DiskImage Different to Others?

O&O DiskImage has been dedicated and perfected solely for use on Windows OS. The software, unlike others, has developed a simple wizard to enable you follow a step by step process in creating backups.

A Few O&O DiskImage Reviews for Real Customers:

A happy customer is glad that he found a software to help him out in creating a backup for his sensitive data. The client says that before he discovered the software, he was always worried that he could lose the data. However, he is no longer worried about any data since he has his data safely backed up.

Ablaser from Cnet.com said:

“easy to use, efficient, long trial period”

Quick OO-Software.com Reviews

Website Layout

O&O DiskImage Review

The website for this software is an advanced website that is well planned in layout. The pages are responsive, and it take less than 0.63 seconds to load the website. The pages are responsive and the transition from page to page is fast. The header has a menu for the website, allowing for easy navigation throughout the whole website.

Customer Service & Online Support

The customer Support Page has all the information that one would need to know. There are links for support resources in the Support page. There are links for Support, other Links for Further Information, and other links on how you would register your product.

The top right hand of the website has a cell number for support with a note of the operating hours.

There are social media buttons which you can use to share and reach the support team. There are emails provided on the contact page, as well as cell phone numbers that can be used to reach the customer support team.


There are various choices for prices that you can make for the software.

  • O&O DiskImage 12 Professional Edition – 1 user- $49.95
  • O&O DiskImage 12 Professional Edition – 5 users- $69.95
  • O&O DiskImage PowerPack – $59

Buy It Here: O&O DiskImage 12

Once you install the software, a license key is required to access the full version. The registration code is offered to you once you make a purchase of the software which you want. A prompt wizard for registration will show on your screen if you are using an unregistered version. Enter the license information on the registration wizard. The license information is obtained after busying the package of your choice.

O&O DiskImage gives you a 30 day free test trial, without holding you in any payment obligation. Each time you start the software, a display of the trial time will be shown to you. Take advantage of a O&O DiskImage coupon code discount to buy the package that works best for you.

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