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    Livedrive Review For Computer Users

    Andrew Michael founded Fasthosts Internet Unlimited. It is known as UK’s largest and top Internet hosting company which he sold for more than $120 million back in 2006. This time, Andrew Michael backs Livedrive.

    Key Features of Livedrive

    livedrive reviewLivedrive has 3 available packages: Backup, Briefcase, and Pro Suite. Backup is the basic service. It offers the following key features:

    – Safe backup of your files online
    – Keeps up to 30 different versions of any file
    – Backup of all your files on a Mac or PC
    – Easy set up and usage
    – 100% Safe and Secure
    – Restore files at any time
    – View or download your files from anywhere online
    – Backup network storage or NAS for just $7.95 a month
    – Backups an extra computer for just $1.45 a month

    Livedrive Backup Plans

    Livedrive reviewAll three versions of the service are available with a 14 days free trial.

    • The backup version is available for $7.95 a month but you can save money by signing up for a year of service, which costs $79.95
    • Briefcase costs $15.95 a month and again is available at a discount if you sign up for a year of service, which will cost you $159.95.
    • The Pro Suite is the most expensive at $24.95 a month or $249.95 for one year of service.

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    Livedrive Review in Detail

    The good thing about Livedrive desktop software is it is easy to use. Uploading and downloading files directly from the computer is easy. The Drag and Drop features make it much easier when you want to upload on Livedrive’s web interface because all you need to do is drag and drop the files. The interface comes with a powerful uploader and works as a drop-box for your files.

    Livedrive Desktop gives you the chance to open all the files on your Livedrive straight from your computer exactly how it works when you use an external hard disk/USB drive. All you need to do is drag and drop files straight from your applications onto your Livedrive. It is also possible to install it o all the computers you have at home or in the office.

    The best thing about Livedrive is that you are confident about the safety and security of your files. In fact you can keep multiple copies at the same time which means you can get them anytime you need them. Another feature Livedrive is proud of is the military grade-encryption. This feature keeps your files and other important information private.

    It is also good to know that with Livedrive you can backup your files without having to worry on getting limited on space. Uploading a 2gb file or document will never be a problem with Livedrive.

    If uploading is so easy, restoring of files is also a can retrieve your files anywhere and anytime provided you have the internet connection. Just go online and you can retrieve your files on this cloud storage service.

    You can get the service of Livedrive by email in its website 7 days a week. They say that your email will be answered within 24 hours. They will be very much available and ready to answer all questions and issues within the day and won’t keep you waiting.

    Livedrive offers a 14 day trial which will give you the chance to try it out for free and what’s more, should you decide to get it after the trial, you can get the basic package for only $7.95 a month. This cloud storage service by the way has a few setbacks just like any other product. It requires new users to give all credit card information upon signing up to the program. Failure to do so will not allow the user to download the program.

    The best thing about cloud storage is you do not get limited with space which means you can store and backup as many files as you want. One more thing you can access your files anywhere and anytime provided  you have reliable Internet access in your area. It automatically backs up your files while working. There is no need for you to set up a schedule to backup your files after working. In our case, we can honestly say we have never encountered any problem with Livedrive though there are some who are a bit unhappy about losing data.

    To sum it all up, Livedrive does it all for you. It is one product anyone would be happy to have. It has great features and is easy to use. SugarSync may be cheaper than Livedrive and other backup sync services may be stronger, still Livedrive is one product worth to have.

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