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    An In-depth Review of IDrive Online Cloud Backup

    The memory of that one regrettable moment when one suffers a loss of data on a computer plagues everyone. The loss of important data accumulated over a long period, is a source of displeasure to many. In phenomenon hence creates the need for an online backup that saves every piece of information for your convenience. The IDrive review delves into the conveniences of using IDrive as an online cloud storage.

    Who is IDrive?

    IDrive promo codeIDrive Inc. is a company that provides online storage convenience to anyone seeking it. The Company’s name is IDrive Inc. that specializes in cloud technology among other development-based ventures. Based in Los Angeles since the start of the millennium, the company has succeeded to retain its competitive edge among the top online backup service providers. The IDrive ventures, a department in the company, have specialized in providing store and security for all data in the computers.


    Why Should I Choose IDrive Online Cloud Backup?

    IDrive offers easy appeals for its many features and the best of those is its security.  This platform provides military-grade encryption for the data stored. This ensures that any data stored does not fall into any prying parties. The sync factors also provide appeal for anyone who works using different devices. In the corporate sector, the synchronizing provides up-to-date information to any computer connected. Concisely, IDrive provides for the storage and guarantees security for the clients’ convenience.

    What Are They Doing at

    IDrive coupon codeIDrive provides both storage space and all complimentary options like security for the data stored. The amount of devices, which one can synchronize to this storage, is dependent on the storage plan was chosen. The online storage service provided caters for the corporate and personal needs and convenience. The Company also engages in mentor ship programs and investment in growing businesses. In the various partnership programs, IDrive allows a willing client to make money while promoting their products through reselling.

    IDrive Key Features:

    IDrive stands out among the various online cloud providers for its features. The platform provides sync for any devices are it mac, windows or androids. This ensures that the data is stored in real time and therefore is accessible from these devices as long as they are in sync. Another feature is one that allows for backtracking of applications. This ensures that the applications are restorable to their previous version from the cloud storage. One can also share file across any platform directly from the IDrive cloud.

    How IDrive Works

    IDrive provides an application for any operating systems the client may have. Here is a step-by-step guide on how it works:

    • Choose your suitable IDrive subscription plan and make a payment with our special IDrive promo code.
    • Downloading the application from the IDrive website, sign in to use the cloud space.
    • After signing in, the application provides options for personal or corporate storage.
    • After choosing the preferred plan, upload data and synchronize it to the various devices.

    This ensures that the information is accessible from any device you have synchronized. Data synced also includes that on social websites and application setting for conveniences.

    Check this video to know how to sync files to the cloud with IDrive:

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    What Makes IDrive Different to Another Online Cloud Backup?

    Yes, there are many other cloud backups online but none is like IDrive in pricing and real-time synchronizing. IDrive provides convenient pricing to cater for the small business needs. At a convenient price, IDrive provides secure storage for the various computers and the different devices. The option for free five gigabytes for personal storage appeals greatly for the individual needs. This option offers a single user the ability to synchronize multiple computers to this cloud storage. This option also puts IDrive among the few who still offer it as an online storage cloud providers.

    Quick Reviews:

    Website Layout

    IDrive review

    The website is user-friendly with easy to follow language for the user. Once logged in, the website provides ample information on the downloading and pricing. The easy to follow instruction on the top-notch website interface are understandable. The links on the website are well marked to ensure that the client gets to the page they wish to view. In overall, the website is simple and straightforward for easy navigation.

    Shopping Processing

    The website requires the client to sign up first for them to purchase the plans. Download the IDrive application for the specific operating systems for a computer or various devices. Once signed up the client chooses their preferred plan according to their storage needs. The website offers the payment options link at the home page from which one can view the various plans. Various plans ranging from personal to small business and corporate allow the client to choose their preferred plans

    Booking and Payment

    The billing information as one signs in allows them to authorize payment of their particular subscription plan. Storage plans are either personal or corporate. The plans range from basic, which is free, personal and corporate plans. Once the client chooses their preferred plan, they may go ahead and authorize the payments. The client the can upload the intended data on to the cloud storage.

    Customer Service

    IDrive’s service delivery is famous for its thorough ways. To contact them the various telephone lines allow the client to talk directly to their personnel in case of inquiry. The online services also allow the customer to find ample information on the usage and guidance. This ensures that the service is delivery unhampered by the various glitches. The cloud the client to upload large volumes of data in a shortened period in comparison to other backup storage. This offers convenience in time as well as space.

    Online Support

    While navigating the website and trying to upload a file to a cloud storage, glitches may occur. The online support on IDrive website, however, ensures the client’s convenience in a smooth and easy storage process. The online platforms on which to contact IDrive include emails or live chat. The twenty-four-hour chat allows the client direct access to support from the IDrive personnel. The website also provides answers to frequently asked questions on the FAQs link, which will surely answer the various queries of the client. The tutorials also make for an easy aide while using IDrive online cloud service.

    IDrive Review – Bottom Line

    We currently live in an age where digital is a way of life. We often find that our digital lives require safety just as much as our physical lives. This raises the need for secure storage of information, which we deem important. With IDrive safety and convenience is their signature. The various advantages heaped on by IDrive allow for a most convenient cloud storage.

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    How to Order at

    Once signed into the website one can download the IDrive application through the links provided on the website. While logging in one may choose their preferred plans, which include basic (free five gigabytes), the IDrive personal, and the IDrive business plans. The distinguishing features on each include the storage space and the number of users. After choosing their particular plan, they have to authorize the payments. The payment information provides while signing in allows the client to make purchases of the various plans. Once purchased the plan allows the client to upload their data on to the online cloud and synchronize it to their various devices. With our special IDrive coupon code, you will get 75% discount on a two-year plan. Concisely, IDrive is an ideal choice for an online cloud backup.

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    Idrive Backup couponIDrive Online Backup Special Deals:

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