How to Keep Hard Drive Backups Safe

    You may have probably heard of people who lost their files and important data and regret not having backups. Do not let the same thing happen to you. This is something possible to happen to anyone including you. So before it does, make backups.

    Buy an external drive which is separated from the memory of your computer so that in case something happens to your computer, your files are safe and secure.

    How to Keep Hard Drive Backups Safe

    How to Keep Hard Drive Backups SafeIt doesn’t matter whether you backup every day, week or month, the important thing is you backup regularly. It will help if you have alert notification that alerts you when it is time to make backups. There are a lot of utilities and applications online and get an exact copy of your machine.

    Keep in mind that it is necessary to get a hard drive with the same capacity as that of your own computer. This will ensure that you do not leave behind any of your data just because there is not much space in the hard drive you bought. It is best to spend on a hard drive with optic capabilities especially if you have a big amount of data to save compared to the USB which can be a little slow.

    Keeping backups is not the end of securing the important files and data you have. Yu have to make sure your data or backup is also safe from natural elements and to do just that, buy an affordable chest that is fireproof and waterproof. You can opt to buy the more expensive safes if you want to protect it from prying and breaking of the locks. Otherwise you can settle for Sentry Safe if the fire is your concern. Read on and you will be informed of more details about the safes out there you can buy.

    The best way to protect your data from any disaster is through online storage. However you are not advised to store any sensitive data because there is no 100% privacy in this kind of data storage. There are numerous websites that offer this service that either charge monthly or annually. One benefit of this storage is you can get Data Syncing that automatically updates your data.

    You see, there are a lot of ways you can store your data. For me, because I am a little paranoid, I thought of storing my data on two separate backups, one for weekly and the other one for monthly backups. Don’t fret if you have just lost your data because there are recovery services that have the ability to extract the remaining data on your hard drive.

    (How to Keep Hard Drive Backups Safe)

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