How to Backup Data with SOS Online Backup?

    SOS Online Backup is a data backup service which furnishes a safe and cheap way to give assistance to defend you in case of loss of important computer files.

    SOS Online Backup Features

    Few of the SOS Online Backup prominent aspects comprise as below:

    – A 3-tiered, secure encryption system to make it certain that your data is safe on your computer, in transit, and while it is stored.

    – Automated backup scheduling depends on your own schedule or interval choices, so you are defended without having to recall backing up your files.

    – The quality to back up an infinite number of computers, up to your proposed assigned storage space.

    – Approach to your full history of file changes and data backup archives-just if you, by chance, deletes your files from your computer.

    – Gobal approach to your files with a web browser or any web browser–enabled device, wherever you have internet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data access.

    How to Backup Data with SOS Online Backup?

    Backing up Your Files Online

    SOS Online backup dataAfter installation, you are required to login to your SOS Online Backup account which you produced when you signed up for the service. After operating your login and password you are offered with the SOS Online Backup main screen. You can select to Backup Online, Restore online, Backup Locally and Restore Locally. To begin an online backup merely choose the Backup Online choice.

    Step 1 – Selecting your files:

    The Backup Wizard forms it truly easy to choose your files for online backup. If you need to have more control, you can always change it into advanced mode where you can choose a few more activities.

    Step 2 – Schedule your backup:

    Scheduling is a very significant aspect and moreover in some cases a backup once a month is enough, for others it is important to acquire at least hourly backups. I myself utilize hourly backups to make it certain at all times get the most recent version of my files, ready for use, for instance I come across data loss.

    After choosing a backup schedule, you can select, if you would want emails reports sent to you. This is a pleasant aspect which is not present in few online backup services. It is pleasant to have a note that your backup has accomplished and whether it was favorable outcome or not.

    You can adjust a time for your backups to occur. If your computer or your internet connection is slow, you can program your backups for your office hours, and when you come back home you will receive pleasure of mind. All your remarkable data will be safely uploaded to their servers.

    Step 3 – Start your backup:

    Operating your backup when you are chosen the files and schedule is posing no difficulty, as the software is instructing to move the backup on the setup complete screen. The backup status screen delivers you the skill to temporarily stop the backup and other information about the present backup.

    Overall SOS Online backing up is not difficult to arrange and operate, it operate suitably speedy and does not employ too many means when it is operating, although it may be good to operate the backup when you do not require utilizing your computer.

    (How to Backup Data with SOS Online Backup?)

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