Genie Timeline Professional Review

    Genie Timeline Professional Review for Computer Users

    In this Genie Timeline Professional review, we will show you all information one of the best continuous data backup software and special Genie Timeline coupon codes.

    Genie Timeline Professional is continuous data backup software application which will continually backup all the files, data and information, you require managing secure. After installing the data protecting program, you will be move over the set up with a series of wizards which will assist you choose the files you require to backup; it will yet aid you settle at what place to put in the backed up files.

    Genie Timeline Professional rise to an upright position in the test, since it is indeed easy to put into service and has a big quality along with prominent aspects, which will assist you to handle and to regain your files.

    Genie Timeline Pros and Cons

    The pros of Genie Timeline:

    Genie Timeline Professional review-The software is entirely clear, at which place you do not have any activity to perform, afterwards your first configuration.

    Smart Mode deals your backup resources, in which you still get to backup, whenever you are performing, while utilizing small amount of resources.

    -In spite of numerous reviewers referred about the badly designed user interface, but I at the same time, come upon that the software is posing no difficulty to utilize.

    The cons of Genie Timeline:

    • No help for Android
    • Duration of first time backup consumes some time.
    • Small Mode is not so intelligent, while the computer is being used. It is not functioning in Turbo Speed during idle.

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    Genie Timeline Professional Review in Detail

    First Impression

    You require somewhat time to obtain the files downloaded, as its size is about 150MB. Once you succeed via this stage, the residue will be very easy. The installation and configuration is very direct.

    Installation of Genie Timeline Professional 2012 is easy such as any other window software and after that while you operate it first time, it will seek information to configure Genie Timeline in 3 steps: Select Backup-drive, Select Data and set back options that is easy and effective program. Timeline view permits you to view and regain any data from previous backup that is very beneficial when you need a specific file. Somewhat finest benefits of this software are given below:

    • Back all your significant data: It backup all data either it is stored in your computer, exterior, network drives or mobile phones. It can as well as permits to discover any alterations between two identical files.
    • Seamless System Recovery: It is as well very beneficial in hard ware nonperformance, crashes or virus creating problem to your data and applying System Recovery option recover your data by step by step wizard.
    • Automatic Backups: There are numerous times while we are unable to remember to operate backup software, as it produces loss of data but in Genie when you schedule backups accordingly then it perform backup without your interfere and restart after any disconnection By utilizing iPhone/iPod apps you can retain course of your backup health and also obtain email notifications and warns in your mail box.
    • Fast and Lightweight: It does not display any notification, while you are looking movies, playing games or performing somewhat different that gives rise to your computer undergo extra pleasurable. It is 2 times faster than before version of Genie Timeline and does not get resource. Saves space and time with machine level DE duplication.
    • Secure: all files backs up can be encrypted by 256-AES encryption that forms your data extra safe.

    Genie Timeline Professional is here to exchange the traditional way of back up where you put a schedule for yourself and manually copy the files which you desire to backup and paste it in another backup drive. All these entities can be done by Genie Timeline along with the extra distinct parts of real time backup. What the real backup does is to back it up from time to time, up till you have new files copied in your hard drive. On top of that, I have mentioned also that your files are safe, guarded with AES 256-bit, a military grade encryption? This software is highly appropriate for people who desire to begin investing for data backup software with powerful security for encryption.

    Genie Timeline Professional Review: Conclusion

    The program is ultimately easy going to put into service; at any time installed, you can planned your first backup job in seconds; Timeline then move swiftly in the background, it is there whenever you require it to regain backups immediately. In addition, it is this softly which is the vital. If you are searching for a backup tool that can be put into a specified position and don’t worry, then Genie Timeline Professional would be an ideal selection.

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