Genie Timeline Professional 2013 Review

    The Latest Genie Timeline Professional 2013 Review

    If you are using your computer for your business or professional purpose, you might not want to run the risk of losing your data all of a sudden because of a virus attack or system crash. Backing up your data to confirm a secured environment is a must in this regard and if simplicity of the backing up process is your preference, Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is a very handy tool to have.

    What is Genie Timeline Professional 2013?

    Genie Timeline is a backup software that runs real time protection ensuring the best backing up of your data possible. Rather than wasting time thinking which files to back up, you can simply back up all of your files with just a single click on Genie Timeline.

    With the Genie Timeline Professional 2013 version, users can enjoy all the features available with this software. With the Professional version, you can back up your whole system using the Disaster Recovery option. This is not available with the Home version. The professional version has features like Date based schedule, computer shutdown after backup which are not available on the Home version.

    Genie Timeline Pro 2013 Review

    Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is very easy to install. The easiest way to back up your data is to select a drive and the software will automatically save your entire drive.

    Once you install the software, you can set it up to run according to your need. With its default settings, it backs up certain types of files. For example, if you choose its default settings, it will back up image files with popular image formats like jpg, jpeg, png, gif but if you want to protect your psd file types, you have to add this file type to your settings. This is not a complicated task however.

    Genie Timeline Professional 2013 Review

    Genie Timeline provides a user friendly interface to facilitate one-click functionality. It has thirteen different tiles to choose from each indicating different file categories namely Email, Pictures, Music, Office Files and so on.

    You can schedule the intervals to run the backup process automatically. But even if you omit this option, Genie Timeline Professional 2013 will work by its default settings and your data will be backed up at regular interval. It supports saving Microsoft Email tools and bookmarks of the familiar browsers.

    With this software, you can safeguard your mobile data that has been synced to your computer. You can protect any external device data or attached storage from system failure or corruption. It uses 256-AES encryption to protect your raw data.

    It can detect any change made to the currently backed up files and update automatically to provide you the most recent version of the file. This software saves different versions of older files. If you want to go back to an older version of a file or simply want to get back a deleted file, you can do it very easily with Genie Timeline Professional 2013.

    One of the main critics of Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is its inability to run several backup actions at a time.

    Genie Timeline Professional 2013 Review: Conclusion

    All in all, Genie Timeline Professional 2013 has a user friendly interface. Anyone who is using this software, even for the first time can handle it quite easily. Installing this software does not slow down your system and your PC keeps on running as fast as it was before. If you are looking for an efficient and easy to use backup tool to protect your data from losing, Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is certainly the software to have. The Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is available at $59.95. It offers a 30 day money back guarantee with each copy. But the good news is you can save 10% off using our exclusive Genie Timeline Professional coupon below:

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