Best Backup Software For PC

    Why You Need The Best Backup Software For PC?

    You have a PC and you keep all your pictures, videos, work files and all kind of data in it. Now image one day your hard drive gets corrupted and when you try to recover it, you lose more than half of your data. Yes, this can happen to anyone, at anytime.

    This is why the concept of backup exists. You must remember that PC’s are machines with a certain life and you should backup all your important data in case something like this happens to you.

    Best Backup Software For PC

    You don’t have to backup your files manually. Thankfully, you can take help of backup software available in the market. These programs are capable of backing up your data locally or online. They are available with a fee or with no cost at all. It’s up to you to decide what kind of service you want.

    Here are some best backup software for PC that offers you many features along with their core function of backing up your important data.

    Best Backup Software For PC:

    Acronis Backup for PC

    Acronis Backup for PCAcronis Backup is good software to backup the files you have on your PC. The company also offers backup service for servers and businesses along with home users.

    The software is available for a fee but you can try it out for 30 days before deciding to buy it or not.

    Acronis can backup data on the same hard drive in a different partition. The software will then protect the data on that partition, so in case your hard drive gets corrupted you will still be able to recover your data. The data can also be backed up on an external hard drive.

    The main feature of Acronis is that it can make an image of your whole hard drive. This means that all your current data including your OS, software, settings can be saved as a restore point. So in future, if you need to revert back to your current settings, you can easily do it.

    Acronis also gives you option to backup your data online. However, to avail this service you will have to buy online storage separately. The software costs $89 per year.

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    O&O AutoBackup 5

    O&O AutoBackupO&O AutoBackup 5 is simple yet effective software to backup your files locally. The software doesn’t have online storage service. You can backup your files on an external drive with ease. Just by following few steps you can backup all your data on the external drive.

    Whenever you will connect this external drive to your system, it will sync with the hard drive to update its backed up data to most recent. The data on the external drive can be navigated easily without the need of the software.

    The software doesn’t provide advance security settings but this is because of its low cost. You can get the software for $29.95 with only one time payment.

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    Paragon Backup & Recovery 15 Home

    Paragon Backup RecoveryThis software comes with many features and is available for a very decent onetime payment of $39.95. The software allows you to modify what you want to backup. The data can be backed up on an external drive. You can also create an image of your hard disk to save all your current files and settings and use it later to restore your data. The backed up data can also be used when shifting to a new PC.

    Recovery Media Builder 3.0 is a new feature of this software that makes your back up data bootable to restore files.

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