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    What is Zoolz 2.0?

    Zoolz couponZoolz 2.0 is a complete comprehensive storage solution where you can backup desktops, laptop, external storage, network locations and even servers. Zoolz 2.0 leverages Amazon Glacier very beautifully by adding encryption, de-duplication, web viewing as well as browsing.

    Key Features of Zoolz 2.0

    • Continuous Backup. Zoolz software will monitor file changes and backup your files as you update them.
    • Backup anything. You can backup multiple computers, external hard drivers and even network drives onto Zoolz. There is no limit.
    • No limit on individual file size. Whether you have 25GB MySQL database file or 10GB Lightroom files, you can backup them all. There is no cap.
    • Multiple performance modes. There are four backup performance modes: turbo, smart, battery saving and presentation. Each one will use your system resources differently.
    • Advanced file filtering. You can filter by type, size, date and expression.
    • 3 level data deduplication. Machine level, company level, and global. This is very useful for organizations with a lot of users so that you won’t be backing up same file twice and waste your storage space…. and much more!

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    Zoolz couponZoolz Special Deals:

    Get 1 TB Storage Lifetime for $39.99 $35.99.

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